Slowly Getting There!

Just dropping in for another site update if any one is curious. Site has undergone several changes since it first went up, but I feel like I’m almost there. Basically got the essentials down, like a review system and a comment system. Not trying to go for anything crazy, so those things will probably be enough for the time being.

This site will mainly accompany the stuff I do on my Youtube channel, and to act as another way for me to reach out to any fans who are curious about my thoughts on the games I showcase. I’m sure it won’t reach the recognition that my channel is currently at, but that’s okay. I haven’t really been promoting the site much. It is still in the early stages after all.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update on the site’s status and say that it’s almost there. Once it is, I’ll probably start posting up reviews on more recent stuff, like games I’ve recently shown on my channel. May also chime in some thoughts on some current events going on in the game industry, if I’m up for it. Don’t consider myself a writer, so don’t go in expecting much. I’m just someone who likes to jot down their thoughts from time to time and to see how others feel about them.

As a last note, I have been slacking in terms of video content, so hopefully I’ll get back into uploading more videos soon since the site is near complete. Also happy to say that one of the two copyright strikes I’ve received last year is gone. So I’m currently at one copyright strike. Not feeling so paranoid about possibly losing my Youtube channel since I have some room to breathe now. So I feel more encouraged to start doing more video content thanks to that and the new site.

site-update-img– JustOneGamr