Hey all!

Just wanted to drop by for a quick hello. Welcome to the JustOneGamr website. I’ve actually been a part of the games media for several years as a news editor and games reviewer. It was more a side thing really, as I wasn’t making any money off of it, but I enjoyed my time doing it. So that urge to write about games always stuck with me and I’ve always wanted the JustOneGamr Youtube channel to have a site of its own so that I can do those types of things. Well, here it is.

The JustOneGamr website is mainly a site for me to place down my thoughts of various things, and more importantly, my thoughts on the games I play and showcase on my channel. I’ve always gotten questions on what I think about the games that I show, and this place is probably the best spot where you can find that out. I also hope to do some video reviews for the channel to accompany any written things I do.

This is all still in the planning stages for now. I do want to thank everyone for visiting though and I hope you come back in the near future for when things start rolling.

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